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ADIN1100 RGMII 2.5 MHz RGMII Transmit Clock Input (TXC) confirmation input or output?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADIN1100


I am working on design using the ADIN1100 , I am connecting into a Ethernet switch via the RGMII port. Looking at the datasheet, pin 38 TXC is stated as the 2.5MHz RGMII Transmit Clock Input which meets requirements BUT in the RGMII Interface Mode section page 14 of the datasheet it implies that the clock is generated as per the the following... "For the RGMII transmit interface, the ADIN1100 generates a 2.5 MHz reference clock on TX_CLK."

Can you please confirm whether the ADIN1100 generates the RGMII TXC clock OR the clock is driven by the switch MAC??