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RE: 10BASET1L, EVAL-ADIN1110EBZ, Power over Data Line (PoDL)

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-ADIN1110EBZ

hi, i wanted to inject power to circuit for power over dataline, so how i should design the differential mode choke and i am beginner now

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  • Hi bhfya,

    As you pointed out, the main passive component required for the power injection is the power inductor. Special care must be taken when choosing the right power inductor specially around the following two specifications:

    1) Nominal Inductance: If the MDI is capacitively coupled (such as the case if the EVAL-ADIN1110EBZ evaluation board), we suggest using a coupled inductor of at least 220uH. Lower values, can affect the Output Voltage Droop and the MDI return loss. 

    2) Saturation Current and Rated Current: Choose an inductor with enough margin to not saturate the coil or go above its rated current. You can base this on the expected current to be consumed by the end device being powered (PD). 

    It is a good practice to also add a capacitor to ground on the power feed, close to the inductor. 

    More considerations must be taken to add short circuit protection/current limiting. 

    For IEEE802.3cg compliant SPoE, you can take a look at our 5-port PSE controller:

    And our PD controller:


    Hector Arroyo