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Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ


I have a question regarding the IEEE-1588 time-stamp query Via the EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ .

I have 5 set of current drivers that are connected in a LINE topology using ADIN2111 MAC+PHYs. it means that every channel has its own MIC+ADIN2111 as interface. 

This modules responses based on a Query command relating to their MAC address so they can be connected in the BUS. It means that there is no collision because they don't communicate simultanously. 

They are connected in LINE topology and there are only 1 pair of SPE (single-pair-Ethernet) comes out from the module.

My customer has no SPE connector on-board and wants to use EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ as a media converter to convert SPE to simple 10base-T using RJ45.

We want to know if by using this EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ they also can request IEEE 1588 time stamp and do their synchronization with the software.

What I think is that This EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ is transparent to IEEE-1588 time stamp. on the other hand there is ADIN1100 on the board that doesn't support IEEE-1588 time-stamp. I'm confused

It would be very helpful if get your opinion also.

Thank you so much.