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ADIN1300B versus ADIN1300C

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADIN1300

WHat is the difference between ADIN1300B versus ADIN1300C.

I have a design with the ADIN1300C working, can I drop in the ADIN1300B?

  • Hi Dave,

    The difference between the ADIN1300B and ADIN1300C is there operating temperatures.

    The ADIN1300B is spec'd to operate from -40C to 85C, and the ADIN1300C is spec'd to operate from -40C to 105C.

    If your applications operating temperature range is between -40C and 85C then you could drop in the ADIN1300B. But if the operating temperate is above 85C and below 105C then you would have to stay with the ADIN1300C.

    Best Regards,