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ADIN1100 Eval using MAX32625pico debugger for programming the ADuCM4050

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADIN1100 and ADuCM4050

I am trying to reprogram the ADuCM4050 on the ADIN1100 eval module but only have a MAX625pico programmer/debugger unit.i am using the IAR IDE with the ADIN1100 device driver example files to reprogram the HW but the tools can't connect to the target using the CMSIS-DAP driver. Has anyone done this combination of HW before? I think it should work but not sure where to start to get the issue resolved.

  • Hi Dale,

    Unfortunetely we are currently supporting programming the ADIN1100 eval module via Segger Debuggers. We do not have information at the moment about how to configure IAR to be able to program the ADuCM4050 with other debuggers.

    I might suggest asking in the Microcontroller forum in EngineerZone, as the Product Application Engineers for the ADuCM4050 might have further information about how to configure other debuggers.