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when the ADIN1200 is powered off

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADIN1200

When the device in which the ADIN1200 is installed is turned off, that is, when the ADIN1200 is powered off,

I think that there is a state in which voltage is applied to the MDI_x_x terminals from other powered devices via cables and pulse transformers.

Q1 In the above state, it is thought that the maximum absolute rating of the MDI_x_x terminal ~ AVDD_3P3 + 0.3V will be exceeded, but is it NG?

Q2 If you have any advice on countermeasures, please let me know

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  • Yes in that case the ABS MAX rating is 0.3V, which is the highest DC voltage that can be constantly applied to the pin. The protection circuitry will project the devices against transients greater than this value for a short period of time.

  • thank you for your answer.

    To summarize,
    The signal coming from other powered devices via cables and pulse transformer when the power is off will exceed the maximum absolute rating of 0.3V in this state.
    However, there is a protection circuit that does not break even if the maximum absolute rating is exceeded for a short time, so it will not break for a short time.

    According to the current data sheet description method, this usage is not broken, but it can be read as out of warranty(because exceed he maximum absolute rating).
     I request to change the description in the datasheet (for example, ●●mS may exceed the maximum absolute rating).