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ADIN1110 IEEE-1588 PTPv2 Ethernet received packet timestamp

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADIN1110


I am working on a proof-of-concept to send messages between a PC and external piece of hardware, through SPE.

Setup of the signal chain:

PC <-> ETH <-> 10base-T1L-MediaConverter(Arrow chronous) <-> SPE <->ADIN1110 <-> SPI <-> HOST-CPU

I am able to send raw Ethernet frames (DSTmac, SRCmac, Ethertype, payload) from the PC to the ADIN1110. These packets are read by my host-CPU through the ADIN1110-SPI interface.They arrive correctly.

The next step for my SPI-host is to query the time (1588 / PTP) at which the packet was received by the ADIN1110.

I think my PC sends correct PTPv2/1588/SYNC ethernet messages to the ADIN1110 (at least wireshark seems to agree).

My question is: How can my Host-cpu query the 1588 time (timestamp) for each received packet, or... query the current/actual time from the ADIN1110. I can no deduce this information from the ADIN1110 datasheet.

Looking forward to you reaction.

Best Regards,