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ADIN1100 Range to <1700m

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADIN1100
Software Version: LINUX

We are using the EVAL-ADIN1100 boards and have established reliable ethernet connection across a 1000 meter CAT6 AWG 24 cable, the link however will not establish with cable lengths greater than 1050 meters. We are using the default jumper connections, powering the device from a USB power supply and accessing the device via the onboard ethernet RJ45 connector.

What are the driving factors that determine the operating distance? Are there specific requirements to able to achieve the 1.7 km range?

We have tried larger & smaller wire gauges and 120 ohm impedance cable, appears to make only a slight difference. We have also tried changing the auto 1.0 & 2.4 VDC jumper.

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  • Hi Pieter,

    Yes, that's correct. The cable gauge does not guarantee the insertion loss of the cables over frequency. Lots of factors such as the material, whether single core or not cable, etc. In general, for a cable to be compliant with the 1km, it ideally should meet the IEEE802.3cg insertion loss specification. For our long reach evaluation, we have used a variety of cables such as Helukabel 82836 and Belden 74040H. But these are only examples of cables, many other cables have similar characteristics.