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How to run ADIN1200 cable diagnostics with mii tool from u-boot?

Could not put ADIN1200 into cable diagnostics mode with useful results.

Disable link (LINK_EN) - works an no link will be established when plugging in a cable

mii read 0x01 0x0017
mii write 0x01 0x0017 0x1048

Enable diagnostic clock (DIAG_CLK_EN)

mii read 0x01 0x0012
mii write 0x01 0x0012 0x0406

Run diagnostic (CDIAG_RUN)

mii read 0x01 0xBA1B
0001 <-- already at 0001, never resetted to 0000
mii write 0x01 0xBA1B 0x0001
mii read 0x01 0xBA1B
0001 <-- still at 0001, no reset

Read diagnostics results (CDIAG_DTLD_RSLTS_0, CDIAG_DTLD_RSLTS_1) - no changes no matter what cable

mii read 0x01 0xBA1D
mii read 0x01 0xBA1E

Could not create a PoC for the reset via the loopback/short-circuit detection.

The linux adin kernel driver 5.11 in contrast to the manual, clears the bit for diagnostic clock enable (DIAG_CLK_EN). What is right here?

Please give me a little help on how to test the cable diagnostic feature with u-boot's mii. A kernel update to 5.11 is not possible at short notice.