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ADIN1110 Recommended Crystal

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADIN1110

Wondering if there is a recommended crystal for use with the ADIN1110.  The EVAL board uses Seiko " FA-128_25.000000MHZ_10.0_+10-10", which doesn't appear to be a part number.  Guessing it is FA-128 series, 25MHz, 10PPM, 10pF.  When looking at the datasheet for FA-128 series, the ESR is 80 Ω max for 25.000MHz, but the datasheet for ADIN1110 says 60 Ω max is required.

Are there any recommended crystals that meet all the ADIN1110 requirements, or is it recommended to use the FA-128 series inspite of the ESR difference?