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ADIN1110 - Content of Frame sent over SPI

Category: Software
Product Number: ADIN1110

Hello community,

I have some trouble to understand the content for the data sent over SPI to the ADIN1110.

My understanding:

  • With the SPI command in table 19 the DATA will be transmitted to the FIFO register (if all the other parameters are fine). Using this command muliple times to fill up the FIFO.
  • Data content sent to the FIFO must be the 2-Byte Header (table 26) and the data for the ethernet frame. (as shown in figure 20 on page 30).
  • the Transmit over SPE starts as the EOF (End of Frame) is received. The EOF is the IPG (interpacket gap) from the ethernet frame (12 octets with 0x00)

Is this correct?

And another question:
What must be exactly inside the frame? Is it the complete ethernet frame including preamble, CRC, etc.? Or only the MAC addresses and the data field itself? 
Is this somewhere described?

Conditions for the setup:
Generic SPI

Thanks you.