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Is there a limitation in daisy chain with ADIN2111

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADIN2111

We are planning to use the ADIN2111 in a daisy chain topology, but we can't find any information about the amount of nodes that can be linked. 

Is there any information available on this topic?

  • Hi  ,

    Technically speaking you can connect as many nodes as you can supply MAC addresses on a daisy chain, the limitations will be on your network load/ throughput which depends on the way your network is set-up. If the devices need to be IP addressable then it also rely on the IP assignment of your nodes (whether you use a DCHP server or assign fixed IPs).

    APL has published some good information on the network load aspect: Ethernet-APL Engineering Guidelines - Ethernet APL

    Things to consider:

    • "Software filter/switching" (i.e. packet forwarding between the 2x ports managed by the host) will increase port-2-port latency
    • Using the ADIN2111 Hardware MAC filtering filter can significantly reduce port-2-port latency (vs. previous point), 
    • Data chunks size transmitted to the ADIN2111 will also impact on the system effective throughput ( i.e. larger chunk transmissions reduce the total overhead data)
    • Any heavy software processing required on a host could potentially reduce overall throughput
    • If Media Redundancy is required then a management protocol such as MRP is recommended
    • Cable/Link quality can reduce transmission speed and impact overall throughput