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Intrinsic safe design for ADIN11X0

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Product Number: ADIN1110

Good day,

The ADIN11X0 is advertised as a good choice for intrinsically safe systems. The datasheet, however, says very little about this in terms of design (other than "The size, power and voltage rating of these components should be considered in the context of other system requirements, for example, requirements of intrinsic safety.", which is not entirely helpful). 
Do you have any design recommendations?

An intrinsically safe isolation transformer would be ideal so that one does not need to be concerned with Co and Lo. Are there any parts that you would recommend?
Or would you rather suggest adding bridge diodes across to output so that Lo is zero and then reducing the capacitance with the resistors that are part of the Analog Front End?

We are working according to IEC 60079-11. Being able to comply with IEC 60079-47 (2-WISE) would be ideal.

Thanks in advance

Added which intrinsically safe standards we are trying to comply with.
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  • The intrinsic safe design is a complex topic, and it is hard to give a generic guidelines. Regards an isolation transformer - the 10BASE-T1L can use a transformer for (galvanic) isolation. to meet the 10BASE-T1L specification in the IEEE802.3cg clause 146, specifically droop and return loss, the such transformer inductance need to be in order of 400uH or more, and that itself may accumulate more energy than would be typically allowed in intrinsic safe design. Therefore not sure if a transformer itself would really help.