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10BASET1L, EVAL-ADIN1110EBZ, Power over Data Line (PoDL)

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-ADIN1110EBZ
Software Version: EVAL-ADIN1110EBZ Firmware v1.1.0


I am using Analog Device Eval-ADIN1110EBZ board, software v.1.1.0 for my 10BASE-T1L project. In this project, I am implementing Power over Data Line (PoDL). For that, I have built a simple prototype to inject power on the data line and take it out before it goes to the Eval-adin1110 board. The schematic contains a signal transformer and differential mode inductor.

The following figure depicts my current test setup. The eval-board on the right is powered by PoDL. 

The problem with this design is that I cannot bring the “LINK UP” when the device is powered by PoDL. It only works if at the beginning device is powered up from another power source (PoDL is disconnected, at least GND), bring the LINK UP, then switched it to PoDL. It will continue to work until there is no change in the link status. Is there any alternative design for PoDL available from Analog Device?  

I am having this problem for quite a long time. Any kind of help would be appreciated. 



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