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ADIN1300 magnetics selection

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADIN1300


In the product we are designing for our client, we will use your ADIN1300 PHY linked to an iMX8M Mini from NXP.

In the datasheet of ADIN1300 page 37 table 29, you indicate the following characteristics for the transformer :
Turns Ratio 1CT:1CT, open circuit inductance 350uH, Insertion Loss -1dB Max from 0MHz to 100MHz

In this page you made a proposal for this transformer : H5007NL from PulseElectronics
In your reference design CN0506 there is an other configuration a Magjack with internal transformer 7499111446 from Wurth
These two transformers have the same turns ratio, open circuit inductance, insertion losses, but different internal windings configurations

Our client requires a transformer qualified AEC Q200, the only small transformer we founded is HM5149NL from PulseElectronics, this transformer has the same same turns ratio and open circuit inductance as the two transformers above but more insertion losses : -1.2dB @ 100kHz, -1.46dB @ 100MHz

The RJ45 Cat 5e Ethernet cable will be very short, less than 5 meters, is it possible using transformer HM5149NL with PHY ADIN1300 ?

FYI, the HM5149NL has an other internal winding configuration different from H5007NL and from 7499111446

Thank you very much for your support,

Best regards,


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