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ADIN1300 External Crystal Oscillator Feedback Resistor


I am considering designing with ADIN1300.
I have a question regarding an external crystal.

Is a feedback resistor required if an external crystal oscillator is connected to the XTAL?
Is it built into the IC?

In the evaluation board schematic (UG-1635), R19 is DNI.

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  • Hi Yuya,


    An external feedback resistor would be required for certain types of Crystal Configurations. The resistor shown in the Eval Board schematic (R19) is not internal to the IC.  In the Eval Board schematic there are multiple DNI components around the Crystal.

    These DNI components are to give the option to use different Crystals, and the different types of Crystal Configurations without having the re spin a board. For the BOM Crystal (Y1) and configuration used in the Eval board, a feedback resistor is not required, so R19 is a DNI.

    An External single ended clock can also be used to supply the clock to the device, in this case XTAL_O would be left open. This configuration can also be setup on the Eval Board  by changing some DNI components on the board.


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  • Hi, Mark

    Thank you for your answer.

    If necessary, design with feedback resistance.

    Best regards,


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