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ADIN1300 RXC frequency


I'm trying to set up a ADIN1300, but i don't get i working. Now I found some behavior I don't understand. I activated the linedriver loopback mode and sending out a ping. I can measure the TXC and also signals on the Data lines. The clock has a frequency of 125MHz, as I expected a 1000Mb/s. But the RXC only has a frequency of 62.5MHz and the Mac does not receive any packages.

If i switch to 100Mb/s speed,  TXC goes to 25MHz and RXC to 12.5MHz.

Any idea what is going wrong here?  The ADIN1300 is interfaced via RGMII, the clock is supplied by a HCMOS oscillator with 25MHz, 1.8V square wave.



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