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Regarding the connection between ADIN1110 and other PHYs

I'm looking for a PHY with a built-in MAC for the purpose of simplifying the design

Is it possible to connect the ADIN1110 receiving PHY to a general PHY (not T1L compatible) as long as it is within the Ethernet standard?

(For example, ADIN1100 to( cable to) ADIN1200, etc.

I look forward to your reply.

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  • Hello Ito-san,

    Thanks for message. 

    What is this application? Is there a micro in the system?

    In practice micros have a MAC interface, making it easy to connect directly to a 10/100 PHY like the ADIN1200. 

    It wouldn't be possible to just directly connect the ADIN1110 MACPHY to a standard PHY over a single pair - if that is what you were trying to suggest in your email. 

    Instead something like shown below - not sure how practical that is vs using a micro with a MAC interface.....

  • thank you for your reply.

    I will  refer to the connection you contacted.

    The app will be a robot.

    I have an MCU, but the PHY with a built-in MAC is easier to design, so
    I'm looking for built-in products first

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