ADIN1100 Evaluation Setup and debugging inputs

Hello Team,

We setup the LoopBack connection. Please refer the Loop_Back_Setup image for this. The DUT(Device Under Testing) and reference board are detected and Link Up successfully. Please refer the Ouput_Image for this. We want to ping the DUT board and reference board. So, DUT board get the IP address from reference board. And I am getting below IP address 
But the reference board address not showing IP address in the ADIN1100 evaluation software and UART command prompt.



1. Either connectivity like this makes sense at all to you ?
    if NO, could you please propose how we can check our DUT (SPE is working correctly or not)??
2. If yes, what will be correct way to setup and test pattern for SPE communication.
    Like PING and then iperf based UDP/ TCP Tput testing.
3. PC and reference board can communicate with each other??If yes then how to check they communicate?
4. How to know the DUT IP address is correct? 
5. How to find the reference board IP there any dependency required to check the IP address?
6. How to set the reference board IP address?