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Can ADIN1200 have Back-to-Back Mode for repeaters?


Can ADIn1200 support back-to-back mode?

For example for 100Mbps Repeater designs... 

  • Hello Hakan, 

    Thanks for your message! 

    Yes, the ADIN1200 can support back-to-back mode of operation. Recommendation would be to use RGMII mode, the PHY side RX/TX interfaces are fully compatible, so they can connect directly, like shown in the picture below. The only consideration would be to enable the internal delay on one side. They could do this with resistor strapping for the MAC interface (see table 25 on page 29 of datasheet), row 2, has RGMII with delay on the RX side only. 

    Hope that helps, any further questions, let us know. 

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