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ADIN2299 Order P/N

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADIN2299BBCZ ,ADIN2299BBCZ-U1

Hi Sir,

ADIN2299 order P/N:ADIN2299BBCZ & ADIN2299BBCZ-U1 what is the difference between these 2 part numbers?



  • Hello,

    So there are two parts.

    The one labeled as ADIN2299BBCZ is the full up released version.

    The one labeled as ADIN2299BBCZ-U1 is a pre-release version.

    Can you talk to me about your product a bit more?

    If you want to use the board for evaluations, I might recommend the Evaluation Kit. 

    Also, if you can let me know what protocol you are starting with, that would also be helpful.