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Industrial Ethernet Switch(FIDO 5200) implementation with Zynq FPGA

Hi All,

I am planning a new design where the host processor is the Arm Processor on the Zynq(I have a SOM board) and I require some reference material(Schematics, Guides) on how to implement it, I've the developer portal active on this account.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


  • Hi Subodh,

    When you have logged into the Developer Portal, there are two places of interest for the design with a fido5100/5200. One is the schematic showing interfacing an ADSP-CM409 with the fido5200. If you go to Rapid Platform Generation 2(RPG2) tab and then at the bottom of the page is a zip file containing schematics for this design. You would use this in parallel with the datasheet and the REM Switch Software Driver User Guide.

    The REM Switch Software Driver User Guide and the Datasheet can be found on the fido5100/5200 product page.

    Please let me know if you need more information.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  • Hi Subodh,

    To expand upon this answer, in the Developer Portal there exists the source code for the fido5100/5200 driver.

    The driver source code is protocol specific but also contains a "Common Layer" for basic interfacing between the fido5100/5200 and a host processor.

    This should be used alongside the REM Switch Software Driver User Guide(UG-1285) to develop an application from the software standpoint.