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Hi, team

I'm having an issue with RapID-NI-V2108 kit. The Link/Activity LEDs are always off after I connected  Ethernet cable to either of the RJ45 jacks on the Network Interface module with PC. It means the link isn't established and I can't upload a replacement Bootloader and programs the Bootloaderinto flash. 

My e-mail is Please help me, thanks.

  • Hi Anaty, 

    Apologies for the delay.

    The behavior you are outlining is expected. The Ethernet functionality for this module will not be active until the module is initialized by means of a host processor.

    The Module number you have is configured for the Parallel Interface so you need to send commands over the parallel interface to initialize it. 

    What are you needing in terms of assistance? There are several paths forward.

    1. Reprogram with the UART so you can use NI_Test_IO from the PC.

    2. Initialize the device using the parallel interface library that is distributed in the Developer Portal.

    Please advise which path you want to take and I can assist you from there.

    Thanks and Best Regards,