REM Switch

What is a REM Switch?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 11, 2019 4:55 PM over 1 year ago

    REM stands for Real-time Ethernet, Multiprotocol Switch. It is an Ethernet switch that adds special processing in order to support the time-critical Industrial Ethernet protocols like PROFINET IRT, EtherCAT, SERCOS III, and POWERLINK. The REM Switch also has the capability to support all of the topology management protocols including beacon-based DLR, MRPD/MRP, and HSR or PRP. The unique architecture of the REM Switch allows it to go way beyond what standard switches can do giving the REM Switch the capability to future-proof all supported protocols. The REM Switch will even be able to support next generation protocols like those being considered by the IEEE Ethernet committees.