Follow Up to Industrial Protocol: FIDO5x00 limitation to Ethernet/IP and Profinet


First, thanks for the answer, this made many thing clearer. I have a few follow up questions:

- by using method 1, you use the unified communication interface, while going with method 2, you use any of the protocol specific “drivers” you find on innivasics developer page, correct?

- by using method 1, that would imply that the stacks are already loaded onto the fido1100 chip. Or do they have to be loaded depending the actual protocol one has to use? Those stacks for the fido1100 exist only as banaries? Is it possible to load them through jtag? Is there documentation how to use jtag on fido1100 without the tool provided in innavasics dev portal?

- in the dev portal there are “drivers” to download. One for each protocol. Inside the drivers there is a “firmware” section with some obscure byte code: this firmware (byte code) is meant to be loaded to fido1100 or to fido5x00? What does this code represent? The propietary stack maybe? Or just some interfacing? Anyway, who gets it? My understanding is that fido5x00 gets it. If that was the case, how do you ensure that fido5x00 has the right firmware when using it as rapid platform amd therefore fido1100!?



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