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Fido5x00: effective hardware and software requirements

Hi all,

I'm studying the Fido5x00 documentation to better understand if this IC could be interesting for designing a Profinet slave (I'm also interested in other future implementations of other Ethernet-based field buses).

I've read that Profinet protocol is supported and the firmware must be loaded from my host processor.

What I haven't understood is related to what I have to manage to run Profinet.

  1. Do I have only to init the Fido5x00 and read/write the fieldbus data?
  2. Do the Fido5x00 implements ALL the Profinet stack and industrial Ethernet layer? 

I don't want to buy an IP or Profinet stack and deploy if to my processor. Is this IC family capable of doing ALL the Profinet implementation, delegating to to user only the configuration and data read/write?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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