ADI offers a complete portfolio of industrial Ethernet technologies, solutions, software, and security capabilities designed to connect the real world to the factory networks and beyond to the cloud. ADI leverages 50 years of experience supplying factories with industrial connectivity and next generation industrial Ethernet technologies that solve the big challenges surrounding seamless and secure edge-to-cloud connectivity.

ADI produces switches, physical layer transceivers, controllers and network interface modules that include the full software protocol stacks. Designed to support scalable and flexible system development, ADI provides multiple port count, low power consumption, and flexible bandwidth options. Being multi-protocol, these solutions are compatible with all the major industrial Ethernet protocols while also providing the ability to future proof for TSN features. Get to market fast with predictable, trusted results you can depend on every time by building your design with ADI’s robust solutions.

  • Embedded Ethernet Switches

    Embedded Ethernet Switches

    An ADI EngineerZone support forum dedicated to ADI embedded industrial Ethernet switches that support flexible port count, selectable 10 Mb/100 Mb/1000 Mb bandwidths, and all major Industrial Ethernet protocols.
    Sep 5, 2022   94891 members
  • Physical Layer Devices

    Physical Layer Devices

    An ADI EngineerZone forum dedicated to supporting Ethernet physical layer devices (PHY). ADI’s robust PHY provide the industry’s lowest power consumption and shortest latency technology in small package sizes.
    Sep 21, 2022   94891 members
  • Platform Solutions

    Platform Solutions

    An ADI EngineerZone support forum to discuss ADI industrial Ethernet platform solutions. These fully tested modules and reference designs for industrial network interfaces seamlessly process the industrial protocol and network traffic in any application.
    Jul 7, 2022   94891 members
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