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Calling All Engineers! Let's Dive into Your World!

What makes engineering such an exciting journey? Share the top things you absolutely love about being an engineer.

From the thrill of problem-solving to the joy of innovation, let's hear about the highlights of your profession.

But wait, it's not all smooth sailing! We know there are challenges. What hurdles do you face as an engineer?

Share your thoughts, experiences, and wisdom with the community!

Let's talk and learn from each other perspectives!

We want to hear from you! Share your joy and challenges, and you will be entered to win one of five $10 USD gift cards. The names will be chosen randomly.

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  • What makes engineering suck an exciting journey? Imagine going on a solo travel in another country with local language you are not familiar with. You don't know the language, culture, way of life, commute, and you are not familiar with the food. What makes it fun? You learn all these things one by one. You study how the transport system works. You talk to people and ask for directions. You might not understand each other but you found ways, maybe hand gestures or show pictures for them to understand you more. When you get hungry, you visit a local restaurant and try their local cuisine. Maybe at first you are not used to how it tastes, but the more you try their food you somehow develop their taste. How does this relate to engineering? Well, it was a combination of learning, finding ways to reach a certain destination, innovating ways you could communicate to locals, learning bits and pieces of the new trends and eventually understand the whole concept of everything. You won't be able to learn that in one sitting, you have to undergo a lot of challenges for you to finally get the hang of it. With engineering, every day is a new challenge. You don't know what blockers are ahead of you. But what makes it more exciting is once you know how to get there, it won't be a problem the 2nd time. You have to collaborate with other people as well in order to reach to your destination. Sure, there are times that you can solve some things on your own but other people have some tips and tricks that they learned when they have that same problem of yours. Maybe you have different way of reaching that destination, but they might have more efficient method. 

  • Hi Jules, Thanks for sharing!