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KCC's Quizzes : AQQ234 - Sum of even integers

The sum S of positive even integers starting from 2 to n (even) is described as :

                           S = 2 + 4 + 6 + 8 +… n where the last element n is even.


  1. What is the general formula (function of n) giving a such sum?
  2. Give the sum with n = 5298

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  • Oh wait, maybe I haven't quite got this right.  My n is the number in the sequence.  If the n in the question refers to the actual even integer, then I would have to divide this by 2 to get the position in the sequence.  In that case, the answer would be 7,019,850, as 5298 is the 2649th number in the sequence of even integers >0.  In this case I concur with Gaetano.

  • Good on time catch Martin! Yes, it is easy to confuse the number in the sequence and the even integer itself! Congrats!