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KCC's Quizzes AQQ231 about Birthdays and Cake Candles

Mary celebrates her birthday every year from the very first year.

The number of candles on her cake used reflects her age : 1 at age of 1, 2 at age of 2, 3 at age of 3 etc…

Up to now, she has blow out a total of 946 candles.


  1. How old is Mary today?
  2. In an other family, there are 2 sisters, Ann and Helen. Helen is 5 years younger than Ann. They both follows the same scenario for the candles as Mary. The cumulated candled used by the 2 sisters is 1687. How old are Ann and Helen?

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  • Guten Tag Roland! Yes, as already said to Fons: any method is valid as long as the answer is correct!

  • Answers:
    1. Mary is 43yrs

    2. Helen is 38yr,s Ann 43yrs

  • Thanks Timo for your reply! In few days the official answers will be published!

  • OK, let's publish now the official answers...

    1. The total number of candles used by Mary is thus : S=1+2+3+4…+n where n is the today age. S = n(n+1)/2 = 946, or n² + n = 1892 or n² + n -1892=0

    n = [-1 +/-SQRT(1+4*1892)]/2 = 43 years old

    1. Ann has consumed n(n+1)/2 candles in total and Helen m(m+1)/2. Since Helen is 5 years younger, we have m=n-5, both sisters have used:

    n(n+1)/2 + m(m+1)/2 = n(n+1)/2 + (n-5) (n-4)/2 = n² - 4n +10 = 1687

    Hence : n² - 4n - 1677 = 0 or n = [4 +/-SQRT(16+4*1677)]/2

    n = 43 this the Ann’s age

    m=n-5 = 38 is the Helen’s age

    There are also solutions using Excel spreadsheet that was opted by many

    Big applause for our 4 first winners:

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