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A funny algebra puzzle!

a and b are real numbers

We have the following expressions:

a² - b² = 9

a.b = 3

Question: what are the value(s) for a and b ?

Good luck! And try to be among the first ones!

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  • By substitution, you get y*y-9*y-9=0, with y=a*a. By solving, you get y1=9.9083 and y2=-0.9083.

    y2 is not acceptable, then you get a=+/- 3.1477 and b=3/a=+/-0.953

  • Thank you Gaetano! As recommended by our Engineer Zone administrators, the final answers will be confirmed later (just before the new quiz launch; this always in order to not influence or perturb our other participants who are still trying to answer...