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KCC's Quizzes: Taking the right shoes in the dark and in a hurry

A pile of shoes consists of 4 pairs of black and 4 pairs of brown shoes mixed together in a box.

All the shoes belong to one same person.

What is the probability to randomly select a pair of shoes that are the same color, one left and one right ?

Good luck and Try to be among the 4 first ones!

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  • The answer is 4/15. 

    Suppose you select a Black-Left shoe (P= 4/16=1/4), the probability to select a Black-Right shoe after that is 4/15. The joint probability is 1/15. You have same probability for all the possible "good" combinations: Black-Left + Black-Right, Black-Right+Black-Left, Brown-Right+Brown-Left, Brown-Left+Brown-Right. So the probability we're looking for is 4/15. 

  • Thanks Gaetano for your prompt reply! I give my comment to you via email.

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