Under Review

We adjusted our platform to allow for users to bold links.

Make text in edit mode look the same as when posted

Currently the default font size in edit mode is smaller than when the text is posted. Also some formatting does not propagate from edit mode to post.

More specifically, when link is inserted into a word in the message, the font color changes slightly and the linked word gets underlined in edit mode, but once the message is posted - the underline disappears and the remaining color difference is not distinguishable enough for the readers to reliably see that there is a link. If, to emphasize the presence of the link, the user changes the font to Bold in edit mode, the boldness disappears once message is posted. The only working option seems to manually underline the link. Can the indication of the links in the posts made a bit more prominent?

There are three links in the paragraph above, can you easily see all three?