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Please create a GMSL forum


About 2 years ago, ADI has completed the acquisition of Maxim.

But now, there still no a forum for dicussing the Maxim's SerDes productions.

And many many data are moved into but no any update. Such as the latest published SerDes GUI tool is v4.7.0, but we're using v6.x more than two yeas.

So please create one.


Change "Maxim SerDes" to "GMSL" in title
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  • Hi  ,

    We signed NDA in several years ago.

    We can got email reply if the email is about some simple debug issues.

    But we cannot get email reply, if the email is about bug report or new version of GUI / User Guide / Datasheet.

    We want to keep our GUI / User Guide / Datasheet updated as the same as offcial version.

    We cannot get notice of update of GUI / User Guide / Datasheet.

    Even we asked, our local ADI FAE still ignore our asking of GUI / User Guide / Datasheet in latest version.

    I think what I said above are very very clear.

    If I fire a Support Portal, it will be transferred to our local FAE again, in my experiences. THAT'S WHY I COME TO HERE!