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Please create a GMSL forum


About 2 years ago, ADI has completed the acquisition of Maxim.

But now, there still no a forum for dicussing the Maxim's SerDes productions.

And many many data are moved into but no any update. Such as the latest published SerDes GUI tool is v4.7.0, but we're using v6.x more than two yeas.

So please create one.


Change "Maxim SerDes" to "GMSL" in title
[edited by: Keelung at 8:01 AM (GMT -4) on 31 May 2023]
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  • Hi Sara,

    I'm confused why we cannot discuss GMSL issues publicly. 

    A read-only forum, maybe that's why ADI named it as a Library but Forum, is not good to discuss generic GMSL issuses, such as Document / GUI bug and so on.
    Our local suport is inactive sometime and never response our Document / GUI bug report.

    I notice that their is a declaration in Front Page of GMSL Library:

    If you require assistance please log a support ticket here and be sure to provide a brief description and attach any relevant information. This enables us providing a faster feedback and improve our support

    But that's not true. Such as I got new version of GUI more then one month after firing a support ticket. I can provide the details if you need.

  • Hello Keelung

    Please tell me which regional support team you submitted a ticket to? If you provide some details, we will follow up with the support team to understand the delay in response.

    We do not offer a forum for GMSL on EZ, all support is handled by our support centers that can be found here: Technical Support | Analog Devices

    Thank you

  • Hi  ,

    I'm in China. I'm sorry for publishing service email here. But I have to, and I've blurred important info in following screenshot.

    This ticket take time from Jun 19 2023 to Sep 12 2023, just for requiring a new version of GMSL GUI.

    Until today, we still have same issue as I drew in red block at the end of screenshot:

  • Sorry for the delayed response due to our organizational affairs. Public version GUI can be downloaded via our website. Software Download | Analog Devices

    And the non-public version GUI is provided by ADI FAE or Sales for key customers. Even most ADI personnels can't get it. You can try to contact your ADI FAE (not distributor FAE) for further support.

    If you're in China, there is a forum for GMSL in EZ China. GMSL - EngineerZone ( You can submit your questions here or via: Support: 技术支持  · Support Portal (

  • Hi  ,

    I can confirm it's ADI FAE who we're contacting.

    For the bugs in full-featured GUI, the bugs in GMSL User Guide and datasheet, we still cannot get response from our local ADI FAE.

    That's why I'm asking a public GMSL forum in which we can discuss the public issues pulibicly.

    Please tell me how can we check whether we're the one of KEY customers or not? If we're not, then how can be a KEYcustomer? 

    From ADI, is there a policy about KEY customer?

    I thought we can get support about bug reporting and the latest version of Doc/Tools, if we signed NDA. 

    But in fact we can't.

  • Hi Keelung, 鉴于GMSL产品的特殊性,相应的支持问题需要签署NDA,通过审核后有专门渠道支持。您可以通过我们官网 - 支持 - 提交您的问题,得到相关部门的流程支持,希望可以帮到你。谢谢您对ADI的关注以及支持!

  • Hi, could you please submit your problem again via our Support Portal. Then we can proceed in our internal system and arrange more resources to help you. Sorry for the delayed support.

  • Hi  ,

    We signed NDA in several years ago.

    We can got email reply if the email is about some simple debug issues.

    But we cannot get email reply, if the email is about bug report or new version of GUI / User Guide / Datasheet.

    We want to keep our GUI / User Guide / Datasheet updated as the same as offcial version.

    We cannot get notice of update of GUI / User Guide / Datasheet.

    Even we asked, our local ADI FAE still ignore our asking of GUI / User Guide / Datasheet in latest version.

    I think what I said above are very very clear.

    If I fire a Support Portal, it will be transferred to our local FAE again, in my experiences. THAT'S WHY I COME TO HERE!