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Your system is blocking posts containing certain urls, for example

Your system is blocking posts containing certain urls. The link cannot be edited and still point to the same location, so this information cannot be posted. Certainly does not help usability of your system.


Words Matter at ADI. You have included a term that does not reflect inclusivity. Please refer to the Words Matter document to choose an alternate term. We appreciate you editing your post and making the change. Thank you for fostering an inclusive EngineerZone community.

Additional details can be found here:

ADI Words Matter
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  • Hi  

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I understand that the link cannot be edited. In this case, we suggest that you click on the “Post” button instead of “Go back to editing.” 

    We are not preventing anyone from posting only suggesting that you edit the content. Due to a bug, the Words Matter sensor is picking up the URL. We are actively working on an issue with HTML formatting that is causing some URLs to shorten and lose its link attribute. 

    Thank you.

  • Clicking the "Post" button did not function - nothing was getting posted, “Go back to editing" was the only way out from your blocker. Ironically, same url being blocked in the message body did not cause the blocking the subject field.

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