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How to upload a picture in the post?


I cannot upload a picture in the Engineer Zone post. I clicked "Insert" tab and "Image/video/file" tab, and it always asked me to enter the URL... There is no tab or drop down for me to upload a picture... May I know how to solve the issue?



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  •     I've been having this same problem on and off for months, where the Upload text does not appear when attempting to show a picture in the SigmaDSP and SIgmaStudio forum using Edge or Chrome:

         Yet here in this Help forum (as well when writing PMs), the Upload button does appear.  So evidently something prevents the Upload feature with the product support forums.

         I'm forced to work around this by uploading to ImageShack which then provides me a URL -- but I pay for that privilege.

    I'm sorry but, "It works for me" is not an answer..   's comment applies more than ever:

    We need somebody from Engineer Zone technical support / IT to tackle this issue please!!

    Very hard to communicate without the ability to add visuals!!

         Best regards,