Article More, More, More: Understanding Menus in EZ

There are two to three "more" options depending on what page you are on within EngineerZone.

Below is what you would see on a Q&A page when viewing a question:

There will always be a "more" tab at the top of the page you are viewing.

However, the options within each tab will depend on your permissions within EngineerZone

MORE in the Banner: provides you with a drop down menu of content types for the forum you are in.

MORE under the question: offers you a menu related to your question. This is where you can mark a reply as a Verified Answer or Suggest as an Answer. Depending on your permissions you may see, Edit, Delete, Capture to wiki or more. Remember each category of user will have a different menu.

MORE to the right of the question is where you can Share content with people you are friends with. If you are a Community Manager you can Feature content or Capture it to the wiki.