Article Verified & Suggested Answers

How to mark Verified Answers

By marking discussions as questions, you can easily keep track of unanswered questions in a space by using the Open Questions widget on the space's overview page. An open question means that the discussion is on going and one particular response has not been marked as a Verified Answer.

  • If someone replies to a question with the correct answer, it's good practice to mark their reply as a Verified Answer. That way, others who have the same question can quickly see which reply is the most useful. 

  • Suggest an Answer is used when another member reads the reply to someone else's question and believes that is the answer. Verified answers help members earn points and achievement badges. 

  • Always Tag discussions with the product number so that others can search for and benefit from them later.

How do I make a question unanswered to continue the conversation?

  • Simply click the More button under the reply, click Reject Answer, refresh your screen. The question will now be back to an Open Question status.