Article How to Ask a Question in the Product, Application, and Design Center Forums

The Ask a Question form captures important information, such as Product Number and Software Version. Please fill in all fields and provide as much information as possible to help reduce the amount of clarifying questions that may need to be asked in the comments section. Provide information upfront, and get your question answered more quickly and efficiently.

1. Navigate to the most relevant forum to ask your question.

Search by the forum name or View All Groups. If you are uncertain of which forum to post your question to, type in the product number in the homepage search. A listing of Suggested Support Forums, Related Pages, Answered Questions and Other Content will appear. The Suggested Support Forum is where you should post your question. Click the Forum name to visit that forum.

2. Click the Ask a Question button.

3. Fill out all fields in the ask a question form.

       a. Subject: Please be ensure to include the product name (if applicable) as well as any additional words or phrases about the question - try to be as specific as possible.  

       b. Category: Choose the most relevant category. 

       c. Product Number: Please include the associated product number.

       d. Software Version: Please include the software version if applicable. 

       e. Issue Description Example and Setup Description: Here you can find an example of what a proper description would look like.  Please add as much relevant information as possible in addition to links and screenshots or recordings. To insert an image or video within the description field click on insert -> Image/file/video -> click upload or enter a URL -> Click Ok

      f. Tags: We encourage you to tag your questions, please use the product number any relevant terms or keywords that stand out within the title or description.

      g. Notify me when someone replies to this post: For best practice, this option should remain enabled as it will notify you when someone replies to your question as well as any additional activity regarding your question. 

4. Click Post