Article Recognition: Points, Badges, Levels and Achievements


A program that recognizes and rewards members for their contributions in the EngineerZone (EZ) community using points, levels, profile badges and prizes. Community members will see quests to complete in their profiles and In the Zone as soon as they log in, and will keep seeing progress and "level-ups" as they complete strategy levels over time.

Why should I participate?

Help to create a more robust community by promoting content creation, community interaction and user feedback. Boost your community reputation, compete with co-workers, see how you personally impact the community and win prizes.

Who is eligible?

All registered members may participate.

What is the difference between points, badges, levels and achievements?


Many things people do in a community, like creating a document, commenting on someone else's post or marking an answer correct, will automatically earn you some points: this is built-in. You can also earn points for activities other people do, like following you or liking a post you created. A person's point total is always visible on their profile.

For more information on how to how to earn points please view What can I do to earn points in EZ? Actions & Points List 


If you are an Analog Employee you will receive the Analog Employees badge and if you are a superuser, you will receive the EZ super user badge. These badges will appear on the associated user's profile pages as well as in the user hover card and wherever your name may appear in the community.


At a certain point of accumulation, people acquire a new level. Notification of a new level is delivered in Latest Acclaim, along with information about the point totals for other users who are close to the same level. Your current level is always shown at the top of the profile page and on hover cards.

EngineerZone Levels:

100-299 Academic

300-499 Scholar

500-999 Intellect

1000-1,999 Leader

2,000-2,999 Captain

3,000-4,999 Commander

5,000-7,499 Jedi Master

7,500-9,999 Superhero

10,000-14,999 Wunderkind

15,000-29,999 Wizard

30,000-59,999 Einstein

60,000-99,999 Cyborg

100,000-249,999 Mastermind

250,000-399,999 Genius

400,000-699,999 Brainiac

700,000+ Omnipotent


Quests are sets of specific activities that earn a badge and points for the user who completes them. Unlike regular point activities, quests can be pinpointed to specific content, people, or places. A quest can be completed and rewarded only once. Quests a user is engaged with and newly created quests are shown on the user profile in the Rewards Summary. Most achievements are earned once.

To view all Achievements available to you, click on your Avatar

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