Article Unsubscribing From Notifications

There are two ways to Unsubscribe from Notifications

  1. Unsubscribe through the Subscriptions tab of your profile 

    1. Click your Avatar in the upper right corner
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Click Subscriptions
    4. View all subscriptions and click unsubscribe for anything you no longer wish to follow

      2. Unsubscribe to an individual piece of content 

      1. When you receive a notification email from EngineerZone pertaining to an individual piece of content such as a thread you are following; you may unfollow the thread by clicking "go here" in the email
      2. After clicking 'go here' you will be brought to a new browser tab with the following message:
      3. Please note this will only unsubscribe you from this piece of content and not the entire forum.