Article EZ Profile: How to View & Edit

Click your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen, Choose My Profile.

When you first click on your Profile, you're taken to the overview page which highlights your profile fields, including your activity, points, contributions, groups, connections, and Achievements.

Upload an Avatar. 

Choose from a selection of avatars or upload your own. It's the quickest way to personalize your profile.

Click on "Edit Profile" then select Upload Avatar. Upload a headshot or select from a list of already available avatars.

Add a short biography for other members to get to know you.

Don’t forget to add your hobbies and expertise. This is how you can find like-minded members in the community.

View your points.

Click on the number of points to view your recent points activity. Read here to learn more about your points.

View your Contributions.

See your latest Blogs, Ideas, Files, Forum threads, and Documents.

View My Groups.

See the groups that you’re a member of. When you participate in a group, you automatically become a member. In a future enhancement, you will be able to Join and Leave groups by clicking on the "Join Group" and "Leave Group" button on the group homepage.

View My Connections. 

This will include your friends in the community. You can request friendship by hovering over someone's username in the community and clicking "Request Friendship" or by going to their profile page and clicking on "Request Friendship."

View Achievements.

See the achievements that you’ve earned in the community. See all possible Achievements here.

Coming Soon…

In a future enhancement, you will be able to update your Occupation.