Article How to Ask a Question

To Ask a Question: 

1. Navigate to the group where you would like to ask your question.

2. Click the green Ask a Question button

3. Fill out all fields in the ask a question form

       a. Subject: Words or phrases about the question, try to be as specific as possible

       NOTE: Within the How to Use EZ help forum you should not be asking questions about products, please visit the associated product forum (located in product groups). 

       b.Description: Please add as much relevant information as possible in addition to links and screenshots or recordings. To insert an image or video within the description field click on insert -> Image/file/video -> click upload or enter a URL -> Click Ok

       c: Tags: We encourage you to tag your questions, please use any relevant terms or keywords that stand out within the title or description.

       NOTE: Please understand by tagging your questions, it can become easier to search as well as helps alert the forum manager that can best answer your question. 

4. For best practice, this option should remain enabled as it will notify you when someone replies to your question as well as any additional activity regarding your question. 

5. Click Post