how to use SYNC pin to synchronize multiple adc


 I am using three dual channel adc ad9652. I want know how to use SYNC pin of those ADC to synchronize  ADC data output . Sampling clk for all adc is same and generated from a single crystal oscillator( same source). 

 May I need to generate sync pulse from FPGA and give to all adc SYNC pin simultaneously through multiple  FPGA pin   or need I just short the SYNC pin of all the ADC.

If need to generate a SYNC pulse from ADC then how  it is to be generate.?

Let me know how to use SYNC pin if multiple ADC are used . I never used multiple ADC and sync pin configuration.

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  • Hello,

    My answer was from an FPGA perspective only, given that we haven't performed a reference design doing the synchronization of multiple AD9652.

    From what I understand from Tony above, if you don't use clock divider option, you don't need SYNC at all, but he should confirm.



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