AD9234 and AD7616 hdl design


 Is it possible to use the AD9234 (1 channel @ 1GS) which uses JESD for data transport and 2 AXI ports in my design and one AD7616 16 Bit 16 Channel ADC with parallel interface and 1 AXI port in one design?

For high speed measurements I need the AD9234. For low speed data acquisition I would like to use the AD7616. I would like to use the axi_ad7616 ip in my project. Is this possible? I think I have to use one additional AXI port of my zynq but since I have 4, my design only requires 3 correct? Can I use the IIO drivers to read out the ad7616 data?

Are there any example projects ? I only found this one on  GitHub ( no-OS/ad7616-sdz at master · analogdevicesinc/no-OS · GitHub  ) for no-OS but I like to use it in linux/iio

thanks Nils

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