AD9144 FMC and FMC DAQ2 for ADS7-V1 or other Xilinx FPGA

1)  Can the HDL designs be used in conjunction with the DAC Software Suite?

2)  Can the DAQ2 be used with the DAC Software Suite?

3)  Do you guys have any sample code in using the DAQ2 HDL reference design, non-OS, such as outputting a simple sine wave or receiving one by using UART?

4)  Can the ADS7-V1 be used to synchronize two AD9144 FMC cards?

5)  Can the ADS7-V1 be used to test the FMCDAQ2?

6)  Can two DAQ2 boards be synchronized using the reference designs?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 15, 2015 9:40 PM over 5 years ago

    Some of your questions are best answered by someone from the DAC group.

    Administrators need to move this question to HS-DAC.

    1) The DAC software suite uses a PIC (via an external host) for SPI control. The HDL designs we have do NOT, the SPI control is from the FMC. However, you should still be able to port the design over to ADS7.

    2) Same as 1 above (DAQ2/HDL designs/Linux images are all parts of the same system).

    3) No-OS & Linux Images --

    4) Yes, assuming the AD9144 FMC boards support it- it will be same for any other carrier with 2 HPC. If you are looking for any existing reference designs, HS-DAC team may be able to help you.

    5) Yes (if you can do it yourself - I don't know of any plans about this in other teams)

    6) No, DAQ2 boards the clock chips runs independently with their own crystals, there is no mechanism to synchronize the AD9523. might be able to suggest some board modifications if you want to synchronize them from a single external source.

  • , do you have any board modification ideas that you can provide?  I'm willing to break a couple of these if I have to.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 16, 2015 12:04 AM over 5 years ago

    What is the most important thing you are looking for in here?

    1. sync two DAC's or two ADC or Both?

    Reason for my question is to find out whether you should look at the 9144 FMC board or the DAQ2 board.

    If you want to use the DAQ2 board, you will need to remove the crystal from the two boards and bring in an external clock that you split into two and feed it to the two boards. (you will need to get in single ended so you have to terminate the other end.)

    If the same clock is going to both distribution chips (AD9523-1), using the same FPGA you can sync the two distribution chips and that should set you on the right track.

    I hope this helps,


  • Charly, I need two AD9144 DACs to be synchronized with each other.  I prefer to use the DAQ2 because it has ADCs but my customer doesn't need those to be synchronized, but I can work with the AD9144 FMC board with the ADS7-V1 assuming that it can allow synchronization, and that I can set the appropriate registers using the ADS7 assuming this path is much faster.

    I am curious in using the ADS7-V1 AD9144 FMC because there is a software interface already available, while the DAQ2 needs further development.  I also have to procure a license for the JESD204 interface.  Right now I'm going to use the AD9144 since there are no DAQ2s available until April 30th. 

    So all I have to do is pop out the onboard crystals on both DAQ2 and feed the AD9523-1 the same clock?  Could you elaborate your last statement further?  Do I need to do something else in the FPGA other than setting the appropriate registers in the FPGA for synchronization? 

  • Also, after looking into the AD9523-1, it looks like the maximum output frequency of that part is 1 GHz.  Does that mean that the AD9144 cannot operate above that?  The AD9144 is spec'd to work up to 2.8 GHz and I was looking into working with it at that frequency.