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AD9747 + interposer trouble

I have connected the AD9747 FMC board to the KC705 and set it up according to the instructions at

I've set the options in the three tabs of the SPI control software to those shown in the figures, have connected 5V power to the board, and a 250 MHz 2dB sinewave to CLOCK IN (J1). When I download the .bit file using iMPACT, I get the expected "dac dds setup(45MHz, 29MHz). done." message in tera term. However I can see no output at IOUT1P or IOUT2P.

The SPI seems to be working (after writing 0x01 to address 0x1e1, I can read it out again, and powering down DAC1 and/or DAC2 from the software decreases the current drawn from the 5V supply).

I attached my scope to DATA CLOCK OUT (J3) and can see no signal, even when toggling the setting "Power-Down Clock Output". I checked that I J4 for the input clock, and jumpers JP2 and JP3 are unpopulated.

Is there anything you can recommend I try, to work out what the problem is?


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