FMCDAQ2.KCU105 bitstream with functional Ethernet?

Is there a pre-built bitstream available for the FMCDAQ2.KCU105 FPGA combo having a functional Ethernet port?

I had hoped to be able to use the IIO interface to collect some test data with the FMCDAQ2 using the off-the-shelf bitstream for this board combo, but that requires a functional network connection.

There is apparently a known problem[1] with the KCU105 board when using bitstreams created with pre-7.0 versions of the Xilinx Ethernet core.

I have tried the available FPGA builds[2] with no success.


- I do not yet have the IP licenses (Ethernet, JESD204B) required to rebuild the FPGA bitstream myself

- My KCU105 board has network connectivity when using the Xilinx KCU105 selftest bitstream, so the hardware seems OK


[1] FMCDAQ2+KCU105 DHCP issues

[2] pre-built FPGA images

    - 2014_R2 bitstream is for an -ES1 part, which is incompatible with production KCU040 devices

    - 2015_R1_PRE doesn't boot on my KCU105 1.1 board (no activity seen on console UART)

    - 2015_R2_PRE boots to login prompt, but with no network connectivity