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Custom FPGA booting error when the data starts flowing

Category: Software
Product Number: ZynqMP SOC

Hi all

We are using Zynq UltraScale MP SOC FPGA with part number : xczu19eg-ffvd1760-3-e.

I successfully booted up the board and it entered into the rootFS. 

Once I started sending data (When the data starts transmitting/Receiving to the FPGA) , we are seeing the below kernel messages and after that , I am not able to enter anything in the serial terminal , I have to restart the entire system to make it work again.

With previous bitstream and all we did not face such issue. Later point , I just made some changes in the design related to the  PL part but not related to PS .

Am I misconfiguring something related to memeory...

Can someone comment on this.